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About – Passion for Scandinavian Design

NorthernsMakers wants to promote the best local Scandinavian Design and the makers behind.

It’s becoming very posh to buy locally made products these days – some state that the attention to quality is key, others enjoy the story behind. The NorthernMakers platform celebrates Nordic quality in product, which we believe is a fundamental root of Scandinavian design.

We believe that any product needs to carry it’s own weight – hence the mantra: product is king!

The NorthernMakers platform embraces that mantra, and we are proud to present all these fine products and brands. We guarantee that all products are designed and produced here in Nordic countries.

We love to scout for great products in any city around the world. With this platform we hope to make it easy to find brilliant makers and be inspired by brands perhabs not already known to most.

Who are we?

Just two locals gents who established an all private entity with a passion for authentic Scandinavian design and an urge to get closer to the people and skills of manufacturing in a broader sense.

With this platform we hope to promote the products and offer our audience the opportunity to buy into a part of a very proud all Scandinavian tradition.

If you want to see more of the celebrated products, we have established a small retail space in Copenhagen in Brolaeggerstraede 6, 1211 Copenhagen K and in Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen – here we have a selection of what the webshop offers plus more.

It all started with a similar platform – / products made in Copenhagen. But the Scandinavian design and product has so much more to offer other than handmade products from Artisans situated in Copenhagen.

The people behind the NorthernMakers are the same strong team that developed the CPHmade platform more that 4 years ago.

If you want to become member and already produce a fantastic product range, tell us about it and perhaps we’ll invite you to join the good company of skilled Scandinavian Companies designing and producing awesome products in Denmark, Norway, Sweden Iceland and Finland.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!


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